Check out the weft hair extensions reviews

weft hair extensions Are you planning to add some volume and length to your hair from weft hair extensions? Great! Now you can define any hairstyle for your hair for different occasions. No need to struggle what to do with your short and thin hair anymore. However, you may not get the right product if buying for the first time. Why? It is because there are many factors that lead to a bad buy. As a result, you will not get the right extension for your hair as per its color and texture. Henceforth, it is important to check the weft hair extensions reviews before you buy one. 

What are weft hair extensions? 

weft hair extensions

Many girls don’t even know about this popular hair extension type as other types are more popular. So, you would usually see the sew-in type, clip-in type, tape-in, and more styles in the store. But weft is cost-effective options. Moreover, these are easy to attach and lightweight too. Check out the micro weft hair extensions review and you will find out why other girls love them. 

Types of weft hair extensions 

Sew-in type weft hair extensions

You might have read about sewn in weft hair extensions reviews. These are also a popular sub-type in weft hair extension. Moreover, they give more natural look as they are weaved hair. However, they are sew-in rather than clip-in. if you have thick hair then you must go for this type. Unfortunately, you will have to spend hours applying them as weaving them takes time. Moreover, tying those means more stress on the scalp. As a result, you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, girls with thinner hair should not buy them. 

Also, applying them at home isn’t easy to go to a salon and let your hairdresser fits it. But many girls in their weft hair extensions reviews said that they don’t like weft extensions. It is possibly because they did not how to weave it. But those who get it done by professionals have given positive reviews. They are seamless and permanent options that don’t come off easily unlike other extension types. 

Treatment of weft hair extensions

However, before applying them you should always moisturize the scalp. As a result, you can easily fit them. Moreover, condition your hair as per the hairdresser’s advice. Also, you should wash them using a special protein product that prevents hair damage and its weakening. 

Micro type of weft hair extensions

Another popular category in the weft hair extension is a micro link or micro loop. The micro weft hair extensions review says that securing them requires special tools as they have small silicone-lined beads. Luckily, you don’t have to use heat or glue to secure them. 

Unfortunately, placing these extensions on the head at home is not a good idea. It is because it can cause damage by causing excessive stress on the scalp. So, ask your hairdresser to do it. 

So, these were the weft hair extensions review and type. Now, decide which one you need and have a gorgeous hair look without spending much. However, don’t forget to get them attached by only the right professionals. 



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