Know About the Hair extensions how do they work

If you are looking for waist-length, simply want any ponytail, hair extensions will be a better solution for all your long hair issues.It is also important to know that what you are gaining after spending your hard-gained money because weird and damaged leftovers are not so hot. 

We contacted various hair extension experts to let you know everything about the hair extension before you plunge. So, your queries for hair extension are answered here. Also in this article you will know about the hair extensions how do they work

Types of Hair Extensions-

hair extensions how do they work Moreover, here is some type of the hair extension which is famous and popular among the woman so let’s go through the types of the hair extensions. Here is explained about the numerous ways of hair extensions to make hair thicker, but the three main categories are – 

 1. Temporary hair extension– 

The temporary hair extension method consists of clip-in-pieces, weaves, and wefts where large of hair is to be added.

2. Semi-permanent extension-

The Semi-permanent ones include tape-in-pieces which lasts for 5-7 weeks .they are smaller than clip-in and the new Tape extensions are untraceable after the hair is down or worn up.

3. Permanent hair extensions-

The permanent hair extension is strand-by-strand one which means many small attachments are added later on. Micro bonds and micro rings are the best examples. 

Hair extensions to make hair thicker:Things to keep in mind-

hair extensions how do they work

1. Try to find out salon-

Make sure that you may achieve the result with the current hair that you are having. Because for having a thin and short hair, enough hair extensions can be added up to 5 inches and can add on till 10 inches. It is not advisable to use hair extensions more than 10 inches.

2. Check out extensions-

Hair extension is an investment of both time and money. So, first, you should visit the salon and after proper consultation takes a test piece and put it on, wear that for a week to see how the method and the hair type suits you.Also watch some hair extensions video also. 

3. Always go for a matching color-

Do not settle down, even if there is a noticeable slight difference in color. It also should never dye to match the hair extensions.      

 4. Ask your questions always- 

Moreover, each and every hair extension expertwants to share their knowledge. So it’s good to ask questions and also to expect informative and detailed responses from them. On the other hand, as hair extensions can drastically change the appearances. So feel comfortable to ask questions to your hairstylist. 

Hair extensions expert:For Removing Hair Extensions 

It should be never left for more than 3 months and to 2 inches of the re-growth of the hair. Return to the salon, so that the hair extensions can be removed professionally by a hair extension expert only. 

hair extensions to make hair thicker:How much it Costs? 

hair extensions how do they work Furthermore, their cost varies widely and it’s difficult to find out an appropriate price, says McKenna. The cost of permanent hair extensions will definitely be more than the temporary one. As it takes more time to fit. So you will be paying the labor cost as well. 

Thus, most of the price will be for the product itself. Therefore it can be an expensive service. 

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