Check out the weft hair extensions reviews

Are you planning to add some volume and length to your hair from weft hair extensions? Great! Now you can define any hairstyle for your hair for different occasions. No need to struggle what to do with your short and thin hair anymore. However, you may not get the right product if buying for the first time. Why? It is because there are many factors that lead to a bad buy. As a result, you will not get the right extension for your hair as per its color and texture. Henceforth, it is important to check the weft hair extensions reviews before you buy one. 

What are weft hair extensions? 

Many girls don’t even know about this popular hair extension type as other types are more popular. So, you would usually see the sew-in type, clip-in type, tape-in, and more styles in the store. But weft is cost-effective options. Moreover, these are easy to attach and lightweight too. Check out the micro weft hair extensions review and you will find out why other girls love them. 

Types of weft hair extensions 

Sew-in type 

You might have read about sewn in weft hair extensions reviews. These are also a popular sub-type in weft hair extension. Moreover, they give more natural look as they are weaved hair. However, they are sew-in rather than clip-in. if you have thick hair then you must go for this type. Unfortunately, you will have to spend hours applying them as weaving them takes time. Moreover, tying those means more stress on the scalp. As a result, you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, girls with thinner hair should not buy them. 

Also, applying them at home isn’t easy to go to a salon and let your hairdresser fits it. But many girls in their weft hair extensions reviews said that they don’t like weft extensions. It is possibly because they did not how to weave it. But those who get it done by professionals have given positive reviews. They are seamless and permanent options that don’t come off easily unlike other extension types. 


However, before applying them you should always moisturize the scalp. As a result, you can easily fit them. Moreover, condition your hair as per the hairdresser’s advice. Also, you should wash them using a special protein product that prevents hair damage and its weakening. 

Micro type 

Another popular category in the weft hair extension is a micro link or micro loop. The micro weft hair extensions review says that securing them requires special tools as they have small silicone-lined beads. Luckily, you don’t have to use heat or glue to secure them. 

Unfortunately, placing these extensions on the head at home is not a good idea. It is because it can cause damage by causing excessive stress on the scalp. So, ask your hairdresser to do it. 

So, these were the weft hair extensions review and type. Now, decide which one you need and have a gorgeous hair look without spending much. However, don’t forget to get them attached by only the right professionals. 



A tale of hair extensions What are hair extensions?

A tale of hair extensions What are hair extensions? 

  Hair extensions are artificial hair that can be applied on your hair. These make your hair look thicker and longer and better. Using hair extension has been one of the most promising and efficient way of increasing your hair length for thickening up of your hair. The procedure takes very little time and the cost is quite less. The method of using hair extensions has been very famous. Believe it or not hair extensions have been a part of women from tea time of Cleopatra. Hair have always then very important part of our beauty. Good hair day can make your entire mood happy.  


Why do we need to use hair extensions 

Women of the 21st century I have been having problems with my hair all throughout. Due to the amount of exposure and pollution they have become quite thin. Therefore I had to keep them short. But then my friend introduced me to hair extensions. And I have been a very happy user of hair extensions since then. These babies have given me an entire new look. With their use my hair has become more gorgeous looking. My colleagues and friends have been showering me with compliments since then. 

Types of hair extension 

Hair extensions are of two type’s synthetic hair extensions and human hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are made from low-grade acrylic that is heated and strung into strands to make individual hair fibers. While on the other hand human hair extensions (as the name suggests) are made from actual human hair. Most of us women tend to use human hair extension because they look more real like and human like. Human hair extensions are also famous because they can be straightened, curled or colored. While synthetic hair extensions give out a very weird glossiness that makes them look a little artificial. But on the good side synthetic hair extensions are pre-set unlike human hair extensions. So they are not easily messed up. 

How long do hair extensions last? 

One of the most important concern that women have about fusion hair extension is how long does it last. The answer to this question depends on the type of hair extension used. If you’ve used synthetic hair extensions then the lasting of your hair extensions will be less. Probably 3 to 4 months. This is because acrylic is highly damageable. While on the other hand if human hair extensions are properly taken care of and are maintained properly then they are going to last for about one whole year. If you guys want your synthetic hair extensions to last longer then has a tip. Do not straighten them up or curl them up because they are going to melt. Secondly doesn’t it let them tangle up because then they are going to fall off. Do this can you all will be good to go. 
In the end I would just say that hair extensions have really made the lives of women who don’t have enough time to take care of their hair, easy. If you have not tried hair extensions Then I would definitely recommend you to give it a go . 


What are her extensions and what care and maintenance to they need

What are her extensions and what care and maintenance to they need

   As women and the 21st century we all can delete to the fact of being busy throughout the day. Having such tight schedule prevents us to take care of ourselves. Thus we have to face many issues. One of them being hair thinning. But with hair extensions by your side you can actually make your hair look long, beautiful and gorgeous.  

 What are fusion hair extensions? 

Fusion hair extensions are basically semi permanent hair. That can be placed and installed with your actual real hair. These babies make your hair look voluminous and heavy. They add bushiness to your soulless and thin hair. Many celebrities (namely Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner) are known to be using them. Hair extensions not only make your hair look long and thick but with these applied you can actually boost your self confidence. According to a survey women feel more confident and happy when their hairs are looking good. So ladies you don’t have to wait for a good hair day to add a picture to your Instagram. Because now you can make every day a good hair day with fusion hair extensions. They can very easily be attached to your hair.  


How to choose the perfect hair extensions for yourself 

To the beginners who have never applied hair extensions, I would recommend you all to go to a professional. But if you are a do it yourselfer then you need to keep two things in mind before choosing an extension for yourself. The first thing is the type. If you want long term hair extensions then choose human hair extensions or else go for synthetic ones. Next is the color blending. Always remember to match your hair color with the color of the extensions. Do this and you’ll be good to go 


Fusion hair extensions care 

The question that troubles women who have applied hair extensionist is how to care for them. Well it is quite easy. You should first and foremost take a good look at the hair extension manual, or consult your extensionist. Do not in any case bathe in salt water or chlorine water. Make sure that you wash your hair every alternate day. This way your hair will fall less and so will your extensions. Don’t sleep with your hair untied. Tie your hair while sleeping so that they don’t get tangled while sleeping.  Brush your hair with an extension brush before and after getting a bath. Fusion hair extension maintenance is similar to the care and maintenance of your hair. Use good quality conditioner and shampoo. If you are facing any hair problems then without any hesitation go to your salon. 


Fusion hair extensions good or bad- here is the answer

Fusion hair extensions good or bad- here is the answer

Are you going to apply fusion hair extensions for the first time? If yes then you must know Fusion hair extensions good or bad. It is essential to know because you might not like the idea of applying for hair extensions after spending money. As a result, your money goes waste and we don’t want this to happen. Hair extensions are expensive and they give a good hair look only if applied well. Moreover, the experts at the salon ask for high fees for applying them. Therefore, many prefer options of applying them at home. But when done badly or incorrectly then definitely it raises question- fusion hair extensions good or bad.  

hair extensions

Well, you may get many answers depending upon the likeability of users. But here we will tell you the general pros and cons of using them.  

Are Fusions hair extensions good or bad? 

Well, the answer is both depending upon the quality of extensions you get and how well you apply them. But nobody should do it without weighing the fusion hair extension pros and cons. These are sometimes known as pre-bonded hair extensions as well. Mostly, celebrities prefer them and to your surprise, it is in use for long.  

fusion hair extensionsA heat gun makes the careful application of fusion hair extensions. Moreover, they come in hair strands where each strand is applied with the help of a heat gun. In addition to this, the hair strands already have glue. Heat gun melts the glue and thus it gets attached to your hair. Later, experts use their fingers to flat the strands for making the application strong.  

Many customers are doubtful about the fusion hair extensions. Henceforth, they should know the keratin fusion hair extensions pros and cons.  

Fusion hair extensions good or bad- check out here 

Readout here the Fusion hair extensions pros and cons Let us start with the pros first.  

Gives you longer and fuller hair  

If you need longer and fuller hair, then hair extensions are a good and natural way to get them. Unfortunately, you don’t get the same results with any of the hair extensions but fusion hair extensions work best. Also, applying another type of extensions like sew-in type is difficult to apply. In addition to this, you may not find a professional who can fit them securely.  

On the other hand, you will easily find someone who can apply or install a fusion hair extension.  

Lasts longer  

Luckily, the lifespan of fusion hair extension is longer than its other counterparts. Tape-in extensions will fall out in three months which is not the case with fusion type hair extension. If you invest in a good one then you can enjoy long and fuller hair for up to 6 months.  

Firm hold 

One of the greatest pros of this type is that it holds your hair firmly without falling out.  

Need glue 

Glue is the reason why many girls ask whether fusion hair extensions good or bad? It is because the glue can cause damage to the natural hair. However, it depends on the way your hairdresser applies it. Any mistake while the application will cause hair damage.  

So, now you know the fusion hair extensions pros and cons. Decide whether you need it or not.   


Know about the things for fusion hair extension removal

Know about the things for fusion hair extension removal

Fusion hair extension is the most popular method of having hair extension method. However, people love the hair extension for the realistic appearance that it is having. Along with it there is minimal damage on its application. But there are times when people are looking for the fusion hair extension removalAnd this is because these small pieces attach to the natural hair not always looking good. Approximately, the fusion hair extension is having 25 and more strands to be fixed with the natural hair. Depending on the care that you give them is the duration the hair extension lasts but with the best timeframe the fusion hair extension lasts. 

hair extensions

Things before fusion hair extension removal 

The hot fusion hair extension removal is not an easy task. However, it requires many procedures and techniques with which the process happens. On the other hand, when you get access to the things beforehand, you must get fully prepared. Wanna know some of the things which are there in the hair extension read further- 

Time for removal 

fusion hair extensionsThere is a decided time when the hot fusion hair extension removal starts. However, there are several things which make the extension to be removed. Some of the things such as the glue and the elastic bands are there for removal within 1 or 2 weeks. When talking about different clip in options there are many those you have to take care. Whether you have the temporary hair extension or anything else there are many things which you must look. Every night the hair extension should remove and after that you must have the nice sleep.  

Tool use for removal 

fusion hair extensionsHowever, for removing fusion hair extensions at home there are different tools which people usually use. On the other hand, there are certain tools which usually remove the hairstyles that they have. There is different style that the people have. The looks and tools are similar to the pliers. This is the way that they are having the break and bond which is formed with the bonded hair extension. There are times when you require the razors, scissors and comb. 


Moreover, there are many types of products which are designed for the removal of the extension. On the other hand, there are different products for different extensions. This is the way that the right product must prepare for the right product in the process. However, you must select the best product for the extension that you are having. And fusion hair extension is good at having the product for removal. 


Thus, these are some of the things which you must know before removing fusion hair extensions at homeHowever, this is the way that you can fulfill all your dreams of having the beautiful hair style. On the other hand, you can have the hair extension in different occasion that is there. Hair extension is the best way of having the best style in the function that they are having. Therefore, you can easily remove the fusion hair extension by many products in the home.